Svedbergs Brand Platform

Room for body and soul.

Through a series of interviews and workshops, we developed the pillars of the brand's future platform. Once the strategy was in place, we moved on to updating the brand guidelines, which were created by our sister company ROST Studio. We also designed a Bathroom book, developed a visual strategy, including concepts for photography, and created a new retail strategy and design. The new retail strategy is currently being implemented.

Proudly presenting some of the work that came out of our assignment to create a new brand platform for one of Europe's finest bathroom furniture brands, Svedbergs. Founded in 1920, Svedbergs has been making quality bathroom furniture since 1962. Svedbergs approached Johan Ronnestam Creative Studio with the challenge of leading the brand into the future. As a market leader in the Nordics, the brand wanted to rework its strategy from the ground up.


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