Who is Johan Ronnestam

A passionate surfer, global citizen, business developer, designer, future branding expert, creative director, TEDx speaker, innovator and entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden who loves communication, ideas and creativity.

Born 1971 and Raised in the suburbs of style city Stockholm, creativity was always a part of growing up.

I left the sports industry and joined Delphi Economics, where I developed internet strategies and concepts for the financial sector. Some of my clients included Scandinavia Online, E-Trade, and Avanza.

In 1998, I joined Framfab, a fast-growing company of the late 90s. As a concept developer and key account manager, I contributed to creating award-winning projects for clients like Vattenfall, Bredbandsbolaget, Nike Europe, and Volvo Cars. I also held a position within Framfab Innovation, the incubator for new ideas within Framfab.

With a background as a former professional snowboarder and one of the few people in the world who landed a 1440° spin, I began my career in the purchasing sector. I gained an understanding of the demands of both advertisers and consumers, as well as the complexities of getting products into stores, while marketing high-end golf brands such as Mizuno, King Cobra, and Goldwin.

Driven by my passion for innovation, I transitioned to the creative side of business. The rise of the internet in Sweden drew me into the digital revolution in 1994.

Creating for the leading brands of the world

Epica, Clio, Cresta, and others. We launched both digital and integrated global campaigns for BMW Motorrad, MTV, H&M, IKEA, Omega, Beckers, Com Hem, Intersport, Kosta Boda, adidas International and many more.

In 2008 I decided to change my career. I wanted more of my old lifestyle, not just being tied to one career and most importantly – I wanted more freedom in life in order to be free in my mind.

In 2000 it was time to move on. I spent a year at Abel & Baker, the worlds most awarded digital advertising company. During my time there, I played a role in winning the global account for adidas and worked with brands such as MTV, Nokia, Toyota, and the Red Cross.

I then founded my first company, Foreign, which rapidly grew to over 30 employees and received recognition in international advertising award shows such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, New York Festivals, London International Advertising Awards,


Always sideways. Always passionate.

With over 1000 blog posts and over 150 speaking engagements per year, I had established myself as one of Sweden's most sought-after speakers on trends, the future business landscape, and branding. I shared my expertise on creating effective communication for global brands while considering their future impact.

In 2008, I had an open future ahead of me. Fueled by my passion for creativity, design, and future brand communication, I began to share my thoughts on relevant topics through blogging. My readership quickly grew and I soon received invitations from leading design, technology, and brand festivals to share my insights on how technology was shaping our future.

Creativity + Strategy + Technology = Moving forward!

Marginalen Bank, Fortum, Vattenfall, Stadium, Telia, and many others.

I do not limit myself to a specific media, solution, or industry, but instead focus on delivering the best work for the world's leading brands, regardless of the challenge they face. I also believe that I don't have to fit into the conventional mold of communication consultants. Big budgets and production houses do not guarantee great ideas - it is the brains and talented individuals that make the difference.

In addition to speaking about communication, I continued to consult for leading brands globally. My design expertise, creativity, and unique way of thinking made me highly sought after by brands across the world. I have worked with brands such as Nike, adidas, BMW Motorrad, Omega, H&M, IKEA, Volvo Ocean Race, Kinnarps, Pfizer, Absolut Vodka, Suunto, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, and many others on a global scale. In Sweden, I have provided my services to Svenskt Tenn, Svedbergs, Fagerhult, ICA, Svenska Spel,