Moving ICA into the future

Prototyping the future of food retail

working closely with the ICA team to develop a comprehensive strategy that would align with their objectives. We also brought this strategy to life by creating visualizations that could be easily understood and communicated to the management team, employees, and partners.

Ultimately, our collaboration with ICA resulted in a clear and actionable roadmap for the future of their marketing efforts, positioning them for success in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.

ICA, a retail company with 2,400 of its own and retailer-owned stores operating across five geographic markets, enlisted the expertise of Ronnestam Creative Studio to tackle a significant challenge. They tasked us with guiding them through the process of identifying what "Next Generation Marketing" meant for their brand and how they could further elevate their position as a world-class brand, all while staying true to their vision of making every day a little easier. To achieve this goal, we leveraged the Ronnestam Prototype process,